Discover the remarkable stories of these audacious individuals who dared to carve their own destinies against the greatest odds. Join us as we uncover the truth behind these tenacious innovators who forever altered the course of their communities and beyond. Meet the OG’s!

Mr. rick

Meet Mr. Rick. Smooth as silk and sharp as a tack, Mr. Rick is class personified. His story begins in 1978 on the westside of Chicago, and continues to this day. His voice serves as the unifying thread between each story told on The OGs, and when you hear his own unique journey, you’ll fully understand why. 

Don "magic" juan

Born in Chicago in 1950, Don “Magic” Juan emerged as a luminary in the vibrant urban scene. Founder of the iconic Players Ball, his journey took a divine turn, leading him to establish the Magic World Christian Kingdom Church by the late ’80s. His influence didn’t wane; after aligning with hip-hop titan Snoop Dogg, he graced films, music videos, and more. Experience his tale, where street legacy meets spiritual awakening, exclusively on “The Real OGs”.

Poppa snoop

Born in the heart of the United States in 1949, Vernell Varnado, also known as Poppa Snoop, is a testament to resilience and versatility. A proud Vietnam War veteran, he was honored with the Purple Heart in 1968 for his unwavering bravery. After serving his country, Vernell connected communities as a dedicated mail carrier in Detroit for a decade. His charisma led him to the silver screen, with notable roles in films like “All Eyez on Me” and “Make It Rain.” Beyond the spotlight, he’s the proud father of the legendary Snoop Dogg. Today, Poppa Snoop stands as an enduring figure, representing strength, legacy, and the spirit of the OGs.



  • Head of Black Gangster Disciples
  • Promotes peace and anti-violence.
  • Founder & Chief of Original Black Gangster Disciples
  • Authored the organizational by-laws.
  • A catalyst to the merger of Dave Barksdale & Larry Hoover between the Black Disciples & Supreme Gangsters to form the Black Gangster Disciples 
  • Active proponent of peace and anti-violence.
  • Original Founder of the Black Gangster Disciples
  • Counselor for the BGD under Larry Hoover
  • One of the witnesses to the merge of Dave Barksdale & Larry Hoover between the
    Black Disciples & Supreme Gangsters to form the now Black Gangster Disciples.
  • Promotes peace and anti-violence.
  • Lead Singer of the Notations
  • Original Member of the Original Black Gangster Disciples
  • Promotes Peace and Anti-Violence
  • Second generation/children of King David & Larry Hoover.
  • Successful business owners
  • Promoting peace and anti-violence.
  • Ex-gangster disciple turned political advocate for Illinois politicians such as
    Pritzker, Mayor Lightfoot, and Jonathan Jackson.
  • Promoting peace and anti-violence.

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