Mr. Rick

When it comes to being cut from the cloth of originality, Mr. Rick is a genuine article. He’s an example of how consciousness, cunning, and culture make for the perfect combination. From the clothes on his back, to the gate of his walk, to the cool in his talk; you’ll know you’re addressing an OG in his presence. He serves as our very own host here at The OGs, and does an immaculate job of both honoring guests, and interweaving his own personal experiences to paint the truest picture of our traditions. 

What Makes Mr. Rick Original?

It starts with Fashion. Ever hear the phrase, “look good, feel good?” It’s not a matter of the clothes defining you; anyone can don a pair of expensive threads. But to be a real OG, it has to be in you, not on you. And Mr. Rick would know– he spent his formative years in a time when your garment meant everything. “When I was coming up, to be dressed to the nines, that didn’t mean shit. That was just an everyday thing.” That’s because it wasn’t about the trend, it was about using this medium for honest self expression.


- “To look at the different ways that men and women communicated that fashion then.. it was spellbinding.”