The OG's


Music, an integral part of our daily lives, sets the rhythm and pace of our existence, much like a soundtrack accompanying our individual stories. At The Real OG’s, we understand and celebrate the profound significance of music.


The roots of popular urban music today lie in the lived experiences of the Original Gangsters, who led lives that often straddle the boundaries between the fascinating and the perilous. Their stories, expressed through their music, provide a raw, authentic, and real narrative that many present-day entertainers can only attempt to replicate.


The OG’s have seen the two faces of urban street culture – the lucrative potential and the deadly risks. Their music often reflected the gritty realities of street life, and over time, this understanding has evolved. The once young rebels of the streets have matured into pillars of their communities, using their influence to foster change.


Like fashion, music was and is an integral part of OG culture. It’s not just the soundtrack to your day; it’s therapy. What you consume is what you internalize. It speaks for you long before you’ve said a word. That’s why The OG’s has enlisted the likes of classic American Soul group “The Notations” to create the show’s soundbed.