The OG's

on fashion

At The Real OG’s, we recognize that fashion is much more than a mere assembly of garments. It’s a powerful form of self-expression, a reflection of identity, and a statement of who you are in the world.


For the architects of black street culture, style wasn’t just about appearances—it was a bold proclamation of existence, an affirmation of individuality, and an unspoken dialogue of self-confidence. The threads they donned served as a testament to their journey, embodying their roots, their resilience, and their resolve.


The essence of fashion rests on a fundamental premise: your appearance influences how you feel about yourself, and, how you navigate your life. There’s an intricate interplay between the exterior and the interior; your outfit is your armor against the world, and the right fit can invigorate your spirit, fortifying your self-esteem and fueling your ambitions.


Fashion has always been an integral part of the OG culture. Embracing a polished and captivating style was always an essential part of the journey, with dressing to impress once being a natural, everyday occurrence. The OGs seek to reclaim this unique fashion identity by delving into the spellbinding ways men and women communicate through their clothing.